Lives of the Old Forest

- Linaewen
This poem was "found" in FotR, in the chapter entitled In the House of Tom Bombadil, where Tom is telling the hobbits more about the Old Forest than they care to know!

Lives of the Old Forest

Lives of the Forest they began to understand;
Indeed, strangers where all other things at home.
Words laid bare the hearts of trees,
Thoughts dark and strange, filled with hatred --
Hatred of things that go free; destroyers, usurpers.

Old Forest, ancient; survivor of vast forgotten woods.
There lived yet, ageing no quicker than hills,
Fathers of the fathers of trees, remembering...
Remembering times when they were lords.

Countless years filled them with pride,
Rooted wisdom and malice.
Heart rotten, but strength green.

Lives of the Forest, dark and strange,
Filled with hatred of things that go free.