Nahar, White in the Sun

A found poem taken from passages in The Silmarillion

Oromë is a mighty lord, a hunter;
He delights in horses and in hounds.
Nahar his horse, white in the sun,
Shining silver at night.
Valaróma his great horn, sound like the Sun,
Like the upgoing of the Sun in scarlet,
Sheer lightning cleaving clouds.

In darkness of unlit forests Oromë would ride;
Mighty hunter with spear and bow
Pursuing fell creatures of Melkor.
White horse Nahar shone like silver,
Silver in the shadows Nahar shone.
Sleeping earth trembled at beat of golden hooves,
Sound the Valaróma! Mountains echoed, shadows fled,
Melkor himself quailed in Utumno, foreboding wrath.


Copy and paste this link into the address bar of your browser to see a beautiful piece of art by Anke Eissman featuring Oromë and Nahar: