Gondor Will See It Done

Feet pounding, breath comes sharply,
The valiant warrior leaps through the trees.
Cloak snapping, sword swings fiercely,
His own safety nothing, he flies to rescue them.

"Gondor will see it done!"
The promise is ringing in his heart.
"I must not fail them, as I failed the other!"
Determination lends wings to his feet.

Swords clashing, orcs fall sticken.
Remorse is swallowed in the heat of battle.
Enemies falling, he fights with valor.
Quickly flee before the horde is upon you!

Arrows flying, foes come thickly,
The valiant warrior takes blow after blow.
Horn blowing, Boromir weakens,
Yet struggles on, no orc can stop him.

"Gondor will see it done!"
The promise echoes in his heart.
"I must keep fighting, though strength is waning."
Determination no longer helps him.

Vision fading, blood flows redly,
The valiant warrior falls to his knees.
Halflings sobbing, eyes blink sadly
As the enemy files past him, taking their prize.

Shadow looming, orc grins fiercely,
Draws the bowstring for the final blow.
Death approaching, head lifts proudly,
The son of Gondor bravely faces the end.

"Gondor will see it done!"
The promise unkept gently mocks him.
"Alas, my valor insufficient!"
The fellowship breaking, along with his heart.

Hair flying, blade cuts deeply,
Aragorn leaps to stop the foe.
King's heir, kneeling, his fear bites keenly;
The wounded warrior lies pale in the grass.

Eyes opening, breath comes slowly.
"They took the little ones," comes his lament.
Regret presses. "I am sorry!
I did not see it, now all is lost!

Gondor will see it done!
My promise is broken -- I have failed you all!"
"You fought bravely, honor is answered.
The White City, our people, will never fall."

Pale face smiling, he grips his sword hilt.
"Our people," he softly sighs.
Fealty swearing, "Brother," he calls him,
"You are my captain and my king."

Gondor will see it done,
The promise now taken up by another.
Boromir, valiant warrior, in death lies sleeping
At peace now, while those who love him mourn.

- Linaewen