- Linaewen

Boromir, brave man, went searching
For answers to riddles galore.
Answers he found in his questing,
Yet also, he found so much more.

Friendship he found, though unbidden;
From sources unlikely it came.
Fellowship true he encountered;
No longer alone, nor the same.

Loneliness for a time vanished,
Though brother he missed by his side,
Other friends made were there with him
The small ones to guard and to guide.

Merry and Pippin were special.
Such little ones, yes, yet so bold!
Something awoke in his heart then;
For safety, their skills he would mold.

Mock battle during their resting,
Successful in more ways than one;
Laughing, they're all brought together,
The swordplay soon turned into fun.

Many dark roads they would travel,
But friendship's strength tested would be;
Frodo he failed, but the small ones
He rescued and made the orcs flee.

To Merry, Pippin, he gave them
Significance by his great deed:
He gave all he had for their rescue;
Important to him was their need.

Pippin would honor his mem'ry
When standing at Denethor's side.
Boromir, brave man remembered
With love, friendship, honor and pride.