Blade of Gondor, Notched and Broken

LotR object:  Boromir's sword (from the book)

Once I was bright and keen,
Leading the charge into the midst of the enemy,
Finding my honor in dedicated service.
Now, notched and broken, I lie on his breast,
A warrior's blade, my light extinguished;
I go with him to his final resting place.

Not the finest sword ever forged,
Nor the most ancient;
Not even the strongest blade,
Yet still the favored tool
Of the warrior who wielded me.
He used me mightily in defense of his people.
He fought for those under his protection;
We gave all we had to serve them.
Even in death, he did not release me,
Though I was broken.

Did I fail him by breaking?
Is the war lost because of my weakness?
Nay!  For no blade wielded so
Could ever regret its accomplishment!
If I be damaged, broken,
What does it matter?
I have done the task I was called to do,
Completed that for which I was made.
No failure mine, but victory,
Though the battle rage on without me.

Brokenness brings pain,
But that is my duty and privilege.
What use am I to the kingdom
If I remain in the sheath?
Oiled and sharpened, beautiful to behold --
But serving no purpose,
An ornament only.
To hang on a wall, gathering dust,
Safe, but useless;
What service is that?

Better to be in the field
At the forefront of the battle,
My brightness stained,
My sharpness dulled by combat,
And not by disuse.
For even a broken sword can still serve;
If not for the battle, then as a rallying cry.
Even a broken sword can still stem the tide,
Resulting in victory,
Though blade is spent.

I am broken, but for a reason;
I am damaged, but not in vain;
No longer whole, yet not useless,
In pieces, with no regrets.
Though I be broken,
I am content to pay the price,
For my sacrifice may make others bold
To take up their swords and fight with all their might.
Yes, other blades there will be
To take up the cause, when my part is finished.

In the end, I was broken,
But my brokenness is honorable.
To break in good service is to finish well.
Now, notched and broken, I lie on his breast,
A warrior's blade, with light extinguished;
Rejoicing, I go with him to his final reward.

- Linaewen