Anduin The Great: Tale of a River

In the north, the River has his birthing,
From greyest hills, to-wards the south he flows.
Many waters joining as he passes,
Strong and sure through many lands he goes.

Oh, the tales the Anduin could tell us
As he makes his way unto the Sea,
Many things both unknown and familiar
On his shores unfolding history.

Forest dark and mirky with the twilight
Where a hobbit fought the fight with fear.
Carrock passed, the biding place of bear-man,
Dwarves and wizard crossed the water clear.

Gladden Fields: the Water flows more slowly,
Here a tale of death and murder done;
Isildur, his bane did overcome him,
Smeagol a precious gold thing won.

River passes lands of strong enchantment
Between forest dark and forest light;
Dol Guldur a shadow ever striving,
Lorien will not give up the fight.

Through the Brownlands Anduin does wander,
Past the fields where Cirion and Eorl
Fought together battling eastern armies,
Gondor saving, Rohan's banner furled.

Argonath the mighty, guard the passage,
River gives them honor as he flows.
Placid lake lies still before the roaring
By the shores where treachery echoes.

Halfling burdened fought a friend and fled him;
Sorrowful man in friends' defense did die.
Paths were sundered, faithful servant followed,
"Seek the captured" was the hunters' cry.

On his breast hero's canoe lay cradled,
Taking him o'er Falls and to the Sea.
Anduin brought tidings to his kinsmen,
Brother wept with grief on bended knee.

Battle fierce and dark o'er the White City,
Death and triumph side by side were waged.
Pel'nnor Fields on River's shore was bleeding,
High King sailed upriver, City saved!

River flowing passes fair Ithilien;
Halfling travelers shared a bit of stew.
Unexpected friends appeared to aid them,
Gollum--guide, companion--proved untrue.

Onward toward the Sea the Water rushes,
Pelargir: where Dead men served their King;
Mighty River meets the Bay at long last
O'er the water great white gulls take wing.

O the tales the Anduin has told us
As he made his way unto the Sea.
Many friends met, new and now familiar,
On his shores unfolding history.

- Linaewen
(inspired by track 15 of the soundtrack: The Great River)