Ode to the Wordsmiths

Dear members of the board I must protest
This creativity will drive me mad!
For midnight of the clock had come and gone
When out of bed I flew to write these words:
Dear Lady of the Shire is Pure of Heart
And shares her joy with all who hear her words.
Our Primula with poetry delights
The heart, the soul, the senses to inspire;
And Fan Forever adds a special touch
With thoughtful poetry and prose she shares;
And Varda high atop a shamrock tow'r
Her bright and shining star ascending, muses,
And takes us deep within, beyond, above;
While Vison's vision bares the heart of man
And wizard, hobbit, elf and Elanor.
Sweet Lirien the heart of Frodo feels,
And gives him friends to help him heal his heart,
So Ladyhawk, through Frodo's eyes looks deep,
And of Bill's love to Sam as well she sings.
Lyrical prose and poetry transpire
When Telcontar and Anborn1 appear.
More mystical sings Arnartarien.
Sweet NorthStar spends her nights in Lorien
Or with her hobbit love beneath Mount Doom;
LadyOBloom doth sing a grief too near.
Gondor will see it done, Linaewen,
As Boromir to Rivendell doth ride.
And Overlithe, as she, with journal pens
The joys and sorrows of the ones she writes
So Lindorie as Lind her journey takes.
As Liritar from Anaralen is born,
So sometimes Baron Wilderness gives birth
To monstrous gags and elements of mirth!
And others, too, StefBaggins and her ?Stell;
Lithilien Quicksilver enters now
And Dandy writes, and Shelob and Niere
And others, though less frequently do share
In poetry and song and epic tale
Their joy and love and humour with us all.
Of poems and inklings Cedar Rapids Born
Writes faithful inspiration from her heart.
My thanks to all the wordsmiths gathered here
For pleasure ta'en and promised with good cheer!
And Redbeard, special thanks should go to thee,
Who gathered up these words for all to see!

- lilywillow