Guznul's War

- Lilywillow


Guznul am I,
born of no mother
but from rock,
bare and cold and stinking of
wizardly concoctions foul
that form me.
I endure
the black cold womb
that cradles not but cages,
holds me close and safe
that I should thrive,
grow strong of body
fierce of mind
Guznul am I,
wrenched awake and torn
with brutish force
from out the rock cradle;
stripped of placental cover
I howl my fear,
naked before them
I howl my exultation;
what care I for they
who stand and judge me,
when with one hand could I crush them
should I choose.


Guznul am I,
suborned of Saruman;
unseen shackles of cruel hunger
hold my wit in thrall,
fed with promises, spoken and not,
of hunt and battle and pain
we garb ourselves in battle armour,
steeled strong
helmets white handed;
we are surrounded
by the fires of h*ll,
the clamour of clashing swords,
and howls for what will come.
Strong of body,
fierce of mind,
we wait for battle cry:
To war!


To war go I.
For what reason?
only that I can.
Ten thousand strong
we march
we shake the ground
with the power of our passing;
we march
our empty souls full of hunger
that battle might assuage
must satiate;
no purpose have I but to fight,
to wound, to mutilate,
to slaughter.
Strong of body,
fierce of mind,
ten thousand strong
we blanket the land
with hate.


Guznul am I.
Facing walls of stone,
we roar our hatred,
our disdain
for these weak creatures,
men, who know not what they face,
the spawn of Saruman:
strong of body,
fierce of mind,
ten thousand strong
we charge;
fierce is my heart
keen is my craving
to slash and mutilate man flesh;
I charge the door, rend flesh and bone,
pass through within;
battle worn I roar my victory
as my sword eats bone
as I strike before me
a one not man, but elf;
he falls
but then fall I;
fierce is my heart
yet sound of battle dims.

Guznul am I,
strong of body,
fierce of mind,