The Arrival of Gandalf

- lilywillow

The sun brightly shone and the clouds were all gone
As the morn of the party dawned clear,
All the tents were upraised for the feast planned for days,
Tables laden with fine food and beer.

As the relatives vied to be first inside
And dear Bilbo hid quiet in his hole,
Frodo sat on his own with a book, all alone
For some peace (as the crowds took their toll.)

In the woods as he patiently waited and mused
He heard singing that brought him great joy -
The wisps of a song that moved travellers along,
In the deep tones of Gandalf the Grey

Frodo leapt to his feet and he ran down to meet
His dear friend as his wagon drew near;
His joy was immense as he hugged his old friend,
His eyes wide and delighted and clear.

They rode down the road with that magical load
The wizard and hobbit, that day,
Sharing pleasure at being together again,
And laughter, and talk, on the way.

As the wagon drew near the festivities here,
Filled with magic and fireworks and toys,
"Gandalf!" came the cry as they saw him drive by
"Fireworks, please!" begged the young girls and boys.

And they ran near the cart with hope strong in their hearts
Sweet breath bated and hoped with their might,
Till the wizard relented and fireworks he sent
O'er their heads as they leaped with delight.

Frodo smiled and he said, "I am so glad that you're back"
As he jumped down and waved his good-bye.
Gandalf paused and looked round at the peaceful fair ground -
So am I, lad, he thought, so am I.