Elijah's Frodo

You catch so well his joy at being alive
His happiness when first we see the Shire,
You're late! he says, before he laughs aloud
And flings himself into the wizard's arms.
You find his sense of fun and make us see
How fond he is of dancing and of love
When into Rosie's arms he pushes Sam
To whirl away in jubilant surprise.
You show the way he loves dear Bilbo so
That when the ring its magic he employs
We keenly feel the sorrow of his loss
Your eyes reveal his sadness and his love.

We feel confusion when he finds the ring,
Hall tiles a cold receptacle of fear,
And innocence when, picking up the ring,
He holds it out to Gandalf, questioning;
Then sweet obedience, trusting in his words
To keep it secret, safe and hid away.

We take his journey with him as you show
A gradual dawning at the horror faced
As Gandalf's tale unravels of the Ring.
The One that Evil never must perceive.
What must I do? the courage in those words
Resolving in a moment to depart
Alone, to do what no one should need do.
All these your eyes and elfin face reveal
Of Frodo as his perilous quest begins.

When, in the woods he sees the trees grow near
And, realizing for the first time, fear,
You cry, Get off the road, we truly feel
Belief that threat of danger has arrived
And wait with bated breath beneath the tree
As you, with silent struggle fight the force
Malevolent above - put on the ring -
And breathe again, with you, as Sam assists
Ice cold the groping ring Frodo resists.

What was that thing? asks Merry in the woods
Black horses with black riders! but you stare
With dawning understanding that this ring
That dormant lies, deceitful, on his palm,
Will bring to him and loved ones fear and pain
Your look shows more than any words reveal.
From now, his world is darker, deeper loss,
Your eyes reveal his separation, so
That we who see him know his suffering,
As he apart from others distances,
And, silent, fights foul whispering evil words,
The Ring, his soul entwines and captivates.

Elijah plays not Frodo, he just is.
You meld your soul and spirit, interchanged,
So one begins before the other ends.
As when a tributary meets its mate
And blending with its other gains more strength
The silent water running deep and true.
So Frodo's silence grows and gone the joy
Felt in The Shire so long and far ago.

Remember as you offered up the ring?
Three times, each time so different than before.
To Gandalf, frightened, threatened by his news
So innocently, childlike, take it please;
Galadriel, elf-wise, sees what may come
To her you offer freely, trust her heart;
To Aragorn, you bitter, frightened, lost
Forcing the final test to prove his strength -
Would you destroy it - knowing that the task
Will you destroy, and him, and all who try.

In peaceful elven times at Rivendell
And Lorien, you show his soul wounds heal
A contemplative Frodo deep and sad,
Who silent staying, never to reveal
His sorrow or the burden that he feels.

But more of sorrow; sorrow haunts his soul,
At Weathertop when with a Morgul blade
The wraith you injures deep, beyond mere wound
You cry, Oh Sam, how can this ill be so?
Your call for Gandalf echoes in our hearts.

Exhausted now, how can he show more pain?
Yet at the broken Bridge at Khazad-Dum
We agonize when on your face we see
The loss beyond what anyone should bear
The torment in your voice and in our souls
The cry to Galdalf, No, we hear it still.

Inadequate the words to say our grief
When on the beach at Parth Galen you stand
Lonely, alone, reflecting of your choice
To save the fellowship you would depart
That none as Boromir should suffer so.
And hearing once again what Gandalf spoke,
A subtle shift, emotions sweep your face.
Hopeless, you know the task is yours alone
Determination sown in every move,
You leap into the boat to start anew
The final journey to destroy that thing
That has ensnared your mind but not your heart.
But more, once more we suffer as you cry
To Sam, dear faithful Sam as he intends
To follow you until the bitter ends.
Elijah plays not Frodo, he just is.

- lilywillow