It grasps my heart and pulls me
with urgent cry
I know not where I go
white shadows taunt me
call me
pull me in fearful summons
I hear nothing, see nothing
shrouded by mist that smothers
all is silent and dead around me
my precious burns on my breast
I hear it whisper loving words,
caress me, hold me, take me
I move not yet I go toward
him who calls, in thrall
shadows swirl, translucent wisps
curl their reaching fingers
around my being
I feel no movement yet closer
feels the silent song
more sweet my precious calls
until she finds my hand
sits light and warm, temptress
my heart sighs at last as
before me sits the king who
summons what I hold
my battle is now finished
relief floods me as I hold my precious high
at last to feel the sweet bliss of consummation

- lilywillow