Elanor?s Lament

Why is my Daddy sad today,
Why does he pine and sigh?
What is he saying, why can’t he come playing,
Why’s there a tear in his eye?

Why are Daddy’s arms so loose
When we wriggle and climb on his knee?
Come, Daddy, and play on this September day,
Come chase us, young Frodo and me.

Why won’t my Daddy play today?
Why does he look so bleak?
See, Daddy, here’s Rosie; she brought you a posie -
Why’s there a tear on your cheek?

Why does Daddy stand on the step
Looking toward the West?
Why does he stay by himself all the day?
Come Daddy, chase me! and the rest!

Why does Daddy look to the West
As if he is yearning to go?
As if he is seeing someone who is leaving,
What is it that I do not know?

Oh, Daddy, what is it there in the West
That makes your sweet smile look so sad?
We’ll sing you some songs and we’ll tell you some tales
‘cause that will help make you feel glad!

Come Elli and Frodo and Rosie, my dears
Come sit on your daddy’s knee
I’ll sing you some songs and I’ll tell you some tales
It’s alright now - I’m back from the Sea.

- lilywillow