Ode to Bill

- Lilywillow

Why Bill, dear Bill, please eat your fill
Your bony ribs - I see them still
I cannot ride you hard until
You're healthy and no longer ill!

Then watch out Sauron, see us fly
No-one will need to ask us why.
We'll ride the wind and when you're nigh
We'll kick you up unto the sky!

You serve us well o'er hill and stream
You play and work, your eyes agleam
You carry all, part of the team
I see you now as in a dream...

Ah Bill, dear Bill, why must you go
My heart and soul are full of woe
Do not hang your head down low
No-one will ever love you so

Where are you Bill, I wonder now
What you are eating, where and how
Do weary head you homeward bow
Or other rider now allow?

Why Bill, dear Bill, you homeward bound
Some other horsey friendies found!
You did your best, you stood your ground
What comes again then goes around!