The Balrog

- Lilywillow

Run, flee before me, creatures of the dark,
Scurry to your noisome holes,
Screech, you voracious beasts of bedlam,
Expendable vermin
Who crave to create fear, to fight for blood.
Shriek, for I taste your fear,
Feast on your terror.

Run, fly before me creatures of the light,
Race to the futile bridge,
Scream, you feeble beings of frail flesh
Hideous, helpless,
Who resist the rule of darkness
Cry, for I smell your dread,
Inhale your terror.

Resist, defy me, face my strength Istar
Withstand me if you can,
Shout, you ancient maiar/man of power, held
Impotent by flaccid flesh
Who seeks to throw me down
Invoke, for I catch your weakness
Capture your soul.