Keep It Close To Your Heart

Keep it close to your heart,
but don't let it corrupt.
All who fall under the spell
Are held as slaves
Until the end of time.

So resist it!
Do not ever put it on!
And always, keep it secret
Keep it safe.

And if you should put it on,
Hurry to get it off,
The Eye will soon be after you,
As will his terrible servants.

The servants of the Ring,
were corrupted by the possibility of power.
All Nine were given rings of power.
A promise to be mighty among men.

But alas, power is too tempting
and all were taken by the Dark Lord.
now they are slaves
to a power greater than they.

You will become just like one of them,
Neither dead nor living for all time
If you give into the power of the ring
For its power is evil.

Never let a friend touch it,
For it may draw them in too.
Don't let it corrupt another,
for the weight is too much to bear.

The ring has a terrible power.
A great oppression.
There is no way to escape it.
Unless, you are of a strong heart and
have your head on your shoulders.

Then you could try this task,
but it will be dangerous.
The ring could take you over,
or you can die.

Only the strong can survive its power.
This task is appointed to you
So if you do not find the way,
No one will.

So keep it close to your heart,
Resist the power
Do not let it corrupt
one too young to know such terrible evil.

- Legolas-luver569