My Light

  - Lalaith

How did it come to this?
Through bleary eyes I see
Ragged, threadbare patches of your shirt

What have you done to deserve this?
Worn and weary
You still labor to carry me
Upon your strong shoulders

What have I done to deserve this?
I fumble
Groping blindly
For anything I once was

I hear your voice dimly
Before it is swallowed
by the suffocating vast emptiness
That once was filled with
Light and Life

All that remains is
the black terror inside
I cannot escape

There is no Hope
There is no Light

There is no Life

Where is the light that was promised me
When all other lights have gone out?

I would forsake all to
slip into Shadow
Why do you keep me here?
Why won't you let me go?

I ache to be released
into the ecstasy of surrender

But you keep me bound to you
Though it is as fine as
the slenderest of elven thread
It is stronger than mithril
And it pierces the darkness
that veils my soul

The light that was promised to shine
When all other lights have gone out

My Hope
My Life
My Light

My Sam