- Lalaith

Oh the Shame,
to have thrown myself upon thee!
Common as a serving wench
I must have seemed to your eyes, my King
When such luminous beauty you had gazed upon
As your Evenstar

Wouldst our future lie together
Had she chosen her kin?
Wouldst I be by your side now
In her stead
Countless visions I have seen in my mind's eye
A path traveled together
Loving eyes upon mine
A heart ruled by thee
A Queen to your King

I have cast mine eyes upon thy heart's treasure
And now see the stark truth of our lives
No loving gazes upon me,
Distant and Shadowed
A heart claimed by another
And I trapped in a cage thought to have

The bitter agony of truth revealed
Dashes hope harbored into sharp shards
Shredding dreams into nightmares
Shriveling my soul
Will this torture never end?

A soft hand upon mine
"Art thou in pain?" he queries
The truth in my heart betrayed
"No my Lord" fell from my lips

A frown creased thy brow
Upon a face still haggard from
The horrors of War.
Gentle blue eyes search mine
Testing the honesty of my words
Eyes that hold the pain of poisonous words
Seared upon thy heart

Wouldst that I could wipe away
The unshed tears wept in thy heart
The pangs of loneliness and grief
Only death canst bring
Unites us in a Warrior's Fellowship

The depth of my concern for thee,
Whence did it come?
Caught in thy gaze
Thy eyes have unveiled to me
The intricacies of thy being
The sorrow of thy past has diminished
Overwhelmed by love poured forth
Thy love
For me?
Canst it be that thou lovest me?
Thou patient, gentle man
Thou hast crept through my defenses and
Unlocked the cage that held me captive

In thy eyes I behold my future
A worthy destiny
A path traveled together
Loving eyes upon mine
Not a Queen to a King
Yea, but a Wife to a Husband
Shieldmaiden of thy Heart
As thou shall ever more be Steward of mine
Not a heart to be ruled
But entrusted to thy keeping
In thy eyes I see