At the End of All Things

- Lalaith

I see in your eyes
The darkness veiled within
The Longing to Surrender
As it draws you deep down
Into an empty abyss of existence

You try to hide it from me
But you have no more strength to spare
You cannot keep it from me
I, who know you best
I, who have followed you into the black heart of Mordor

Hollow and desolate this vile thing has made you
A withered husk that holds what Middle Earth would become
In your eyes I see you wandering lost
As if naked in the dark
Your eyes that once held the glory of the Shire twilight sky

I cannot shield you from this
The pain, the terror, the despair
But I will not sit idly by and watch you disappear
I will not let you go where I cannot follow

I will not abandon you to torment
I will not allow anymore
We will triumph over this wretched thing
If even I must carry you into the fiery depths of Mt. Doom

I have made my choice.
I have set my will.
Only death can break the promise I have made.

Here will we make our stand
Here will I stay
Here, at the end of all things.