Lament for Lothlórien

- Laerlass

As I stand here on the ship,
I feel the wind swirl around me,
the salty mist alight on my face,
hear the wild cry of the gulls.
I feel I should rejoice,
yet my heart grieves instead.

I look back to the land I'm leaving,
watch the Havens fade into the distance,
sadness reigns in my heart
at the thought of leaving this fair land.
Though I set sail for Valinor,
I will mourn for Middle-earth.

Lothlórien fair! Home of my heart!
‘Tis sad to see your beauty fade.
Long were you my home,
fairest haven of Middle-earth.
Though I depart from you for Valinor,
never will I forget your splendour.

Golden leaves which fall from the trees
to cover the forest floor,
yellow blossoms of the mellyrn,
golden star flowers called Elanor,
pale Niphredil which buds in winter,
my heart will grieve the loss of thee.

As the havens disappear from my sight,
I turn towards the West.
As I mourn for Lothlórien,
I wonder what lies ahead.
Perhaps peace will enter my heart again
when I see the beauty of the West.