My Faithful Friend

- Laerlass

You mean so much to me,
My dear Sam, my faithful friend,
you always helped me journey on,
my companion to the end.

You did far more than I could ask,
always loyal, brave, and true.
I would have never made it anywhere,
were it not for you.

You followed me though I tried
to leave you with the rest.
I did not think that you should come,
but you knew what was best.

You stayed with me, you helped me on,
when hope seemed to be lost.
You said that you would follow me,
no matter what the cost.

When I was taken to the tower,
my life but merely a breath,
you followed and you rescued me,
braving almost certain death.

You helped me on towards the mount,
then out of weariness I fell.
So on your back you carried me,
me and my burden as well.

You cared not for yourself,
to me you did attend.
You were always brave and true,
dear Sam, my faithful friend.