On First Seeing The Shire

My heart stops ... breath is suspended
I am swept away -- drawn in..
I hear the sound of my sighing... oh the green,
So much green!
Don't I know this place?

A word forms in my mind, "home",
Is that it?
I gaze at the small dwellings under those green hills,
Round doors and windows, just as they should be...

I nod wisely, I know this place...
I breathe in the scent of sweet herbs & flowers,
And the gardens! Oh, the gardens....
Yellow daisies, blue hollyhocks, and vines,
Vines climbing everywhere with joyful abandon.

I listen, what is that sound?
Tiny children, running after the old pony cart,
Laughing merrily ... what do they see?
I have been here before....

My feet touch the ground,
And I know I am connected to this land ...
It's scent is familiar, my ears have heard the sounds,
I have looked out of round doors & windows.

The peaceful green hills and gardens... it feels right,
Such beauty has always belonged to me
And I have sought it over the long years
Today it found me, unaware, sitting in the darkened theater.
The Shire - Home.

- Lady of the Shire