A Real Hero

- Lady of The Shire

For Samwise the Brave:

Who is he, this gardner,
This sweet & simple man –
Who walked by the side of his friend,
Through hunger, through toil
Over mountain and vail
With no thought for himself or the end.
If you called him a hero, he’d probably smile
Or laugh at the joke that you made –
“I’m no hero, not me” he’d reply with a laugh
“I’m ever and always afraid!”
But Sam, we know better –
You can’t hide your worth,
There’s none who can match you
In all Middle Earth -
It shines through your eyes,
It glows on your face,
As you care for your Master
With kindness and grace -
On a path without hope,
Growing darker each day,
With love and with courage,
Your love led the way.
So Samwise the Brave, dear gardener & friend,
A hero you are and a hero you’ll be
When walking through Mordor,
I’d want you with me.
And now when I think of your kind & good face,
Sean Astin’s the one that I see,
Your spirit it dwells in his gentle sweet eyes,
Forever he’s Samwise to me.

With deepest gratitude to the wonderful Sean Astin for bringing one of the finest characters in literature to life on the screen and forever in my heart!