- Lady of The Shire

The time is passing slowly
Each rise of the moon draws it closer
As we wait with a longing
That paints our days and nights.
Our quest follows theirs
Down the dark and lonely roads
They must traverse.
Our hearts ache for the ringbearer
And his companion of the heart.
For the 3 hunters on their race -
We follow, as we must –
There is no turning back now.
Their friendship – ours
Their sorrow – we bear it too.
I would follow the 3 hunters
Into that wood at Parth Galen.
I roar with Gimli and
Long to race as the wind like Legolas,
Following my King -
Through forest tracks and meadows -
Their brave hearts with one thought
To rescue the little ones.
I would be captured by orcs
With Merry & Pippin –
I cry out in pain & fear for them,
As they endure what no hobbit
Should ever endure.
I ache for Sam & Frodo
As we see them leave their small boat
At the river’s edge and begin
A journey without hope,
Walking from darkness into darkness,
Carrying with them
The light of their courage & love.
I would walk with them too,
Into the very fires of Mordor
If I could.
My heart longs to continue this journey…
This quest of the heart that has changed
My landscape forever…