Pippin's Grief

- Lady of The Shire

Stabbing pain, blade-sharp, piercing,
Blinding grief - cold, I'm so cold..
Fool of a Took - what have I done -
I am lost .. Merry! Oh Merry..
I want him back... !
In black despair,
I scream ... Gandalf!! No!!
Stumbling out of the darkness, still blind..
Oh, Merry... I can'na stand...
Hold me, Merry -
Is it raining, Merry? My face is wet...
I taste salt ...the pain, I can'na bear it -
Am I goin' to die? ..
Merry? Are you here?
Hold me, Merry... for just a little while.

It's going to be all right, Pip...
I won't leave you..
Take my hand..lie here..
I'll hold you..
For just a little while.