This is a poem I wrote upon looking at a photo of Frodo lying on the ground, gazing at and petting The Ring,
as well as thoughts that came upon reading Delphinium's essay:

I see your eyes –
Deep pools of fear
So still, so blue they are –
Their anguish flows
Like dark waves of pain
Upon my shore.
Come, close your eyes,
And still your fear now,
Rest in the circle of my arms
For just a while –
And we will float upon gentle currents,
Beneath blazing stars,
Dip our fingers in cool water
And remember green meadows
With soft breezes sighing –
Long ago, but only yesterday –
Before the darkness
Before the pain
That settled in your eyes.
Those eyes – so clear so blue,
Like mountain streams
Reflecting circles of sky..
Hypnotic beauty that dazzles me
Like Venus rising in the morn,
Or some comet blazing it’s way
Through the galaxy –
Drawing me - slaying me
With brilliance
And a kind of madness –
Rest easy now,
Lie in the circle of my arms
While we float,
Float beneath
Cool, white stars
On a calm wide sea –
Without pain, without tears –
And forget…...

- Lady of the Shire