There he stood
Ready to leave forever
He felt this pain
The decision was made for him

He thought about it so long
It was some years later
The pain wasn't gone
he still could feel the knife

What was hurting his heart?
Was it the ring?
Frodo didn't know what made him hurt
But deep inside he knew

His dear beloved Sam was married
He even had his first child
How could Frodo explian this?
But the time had come

Frodo saw his dear uncle's face
Bilbo and he would go together
And Gandalf would join them
And Galadriel and Elrond too

Frodo was sad that day
He looked ta his dear beloved friends faces
Don't cry Sam, please don't
Pippin and Merry..stay brave

But it was heartbreaking
Frodo had to do this
His heart would never heal again
If he would stay at Middle-Earth

Finally it was time
Tears felt his little hobbit eyes
He said goodbye after a very long final hug
But then he had to leave

Frodo turned around one more time
He waved his friends goodbye
Two of them he would never see again
But his dear wasn't his time yet

So, now Frodo is waiting
He is excited because today is the day
No longer will he have to wait
For his dear beloved Sam could come any moment now............
- Lady Pippy Took