He Said Farewell

- LadyOBloom

For Dabney Lyons

He said farewell and then I knew
my heart would never rest.
When off he set on journey long,
the dream propelled his quest.

Though his brother also shared
this vision wrought with signs,
he took the search upon himself
and left his world behind.

"Where dost thou go, my love, my heart,
why must you leave this land?
What shall I do without you near;
my hand without your hand?"

"To seek the Broken Sword I go,
in Imladris it dwells.
There shall be counsels taken there
stronger than Morgul spells.
For in this dream Isildur's Bane
is said to reawake,
and in the strength of Halfling hands
our lives will be at stake."

Though his words were sure and strong
his face was lined with doubt,
it seemed the danger was within,
not from a source without.

Before my mouth could form the words
he kissed it closed, so sweet.
And in our minds we knew not when
the next our eyes would meet.

He wished his father health and hope,
his brother love and peace.
For to his City, White and tall,
his service would not cease.

With one last look he sped away,
his shoulders set and broad.
The people faced the Steward's prince
and voiced their praise and laud.

But there I stood, in solemn grief
For in my heart I knew
the last farewell I e'er did hear
was true love's death knoll, too.

My Prince, again, I will see thee,
though not in this world's plane.
Know, where ever you may be,
my love will never wane.

Return to me when thou hast done
what Fate requires of thee.
Your name will no doubt carry on
from Fall to sighing Sea.

And when the lips that sing for thee
grow silent in the night,
my heart and soul will also mourn
the loss of your great light.

Until the day I join you there,
in dreams I'll see thy face.
That joyous day will come, at last,
our souls will soon embrace.