Bill the Pony's Ode to Sam

- Ladyhawk
I've got me a new master;
My last was none too sweet.
I shall not miss his biting whip
Or the lack of food to eat.

Couldn't help but snort
When that apple beaned old Bill,
But then I had to wonder --
Why'd my master call me Bill?

Where we are going,
I know not, nor care;
But farther from Bree
The air seems more clear.

Sam, they call him,
My new master dear;
He grows dearer daily,
With him there's no fear.

He's a stout, solid sort,
With a strange sort of passion;
He handles his pans
And me in like fashion.

Gentle and kind,
Funny creature's my master.
I don't understand,
Calling one of his own kind master.

My master with his
I've taken to watching;
A bond flows between them,
Growing and deepening.

All at once
They are master and servant,
Companions and friends,
Brothers in spirit and need.

His master seems burdened,
But not like my pack.
Think I'll keep mine,
Which seems light on my back.

Yet my master continues,
His comfort so caring;
He strengthens and eases
Whatever it is his master's bearing.

Weathertop: dark beasts hunt us.
Fearing for my master in perilous flight,
He worries for his master
As we race through the night.

Who'd thought this scruffy pony
Would see the likes of Rivendell?
My master checks me daily,
Sweet food is plentiful.

Too short we rest and off again;
Two men, a dwarf, and an elf,
A wizard and four hobbit folk --
What an odd assortment I travel with!

Too soon we are parted;
But why must I go?
Something about mines
Being no place for a pony to go.

I wander the wild;
A pony alone oft is dead.
But where to turn, where to go
Without master Sam at my head?

There's naught for it
But to return to what I know,
But without master Sam,
No place is home.

With a stable and hay
Barliman welcomes me.
I wonder if ever
Master thinks of me?

I am cared for well enough,
But I miss the hand on my halter;
And oddly, the sound of pans
And the heart that never falters.

Strangers come and go;
Always I hope,
But it's been such a long time!
Hope fades and goes.

More strangers arrive, but wait!
Shadowfax, the wizard's steed --
If he is here, could it be -- ?
What of the rest of the company?

A familiar voice calls, "Bill!"
I nuzzle dear master Sam.
A gentle hand and an apple;
Oh, my beloved master Sam!

Home is were Sam is;
I'll carry him anywhere.
The Shire is lovely,
I'm glad we'll live here.

There's many a soul
Could learn a thing or two
>From my master's service;
Care, devotion, and loyalty true.

Time passes; I finally notice
My adoration of my master
Is echoed in his eyes,
For his own dear master
As they say good-bye.