Aragorn’s Tale – Part One

First of a set of three sestinas

By stealth and quiet he roams by day,
His steel gray eyes see all by moonlit night,
Upon four hobbits he came along the way,
And Samwise Gamgee put up a mighty fight,
At the inn at Bree the Nazgul did not have their say,
For the ranger guarded them with his might.

The hobbits fought on Weathertop with all their might,
Since the ringwraiths waited ‘til the end of day,
For they had no need for words to say,
And attacked the hobbits in the moonlit night,
But Aragorn son of Arathorn took up the fight,
And sent the shadows of men on their way.

Carrying Frodo to Rivendale along the way,
He sought to heal him with all his might,
And at the Ford of Bruinen he took up the fight,
So that Frodo may yet live to see another day,
And there he found the Evenstar to light his night,
Hearts and minds speaking all they needed to say.

To destroy the one ring was for the counsel to say,
Gandalf the Grey was chosen leader to point the way,
Long was the journey to travel by day and night,
To take charge of the company would prove his might,
Ill choices befell the company whatever path they chose by day,
Losing Gandalf in Moria to the Balrog in a fiery fight.

With mighty Narsil in hand Aragorn would continue to fight,
Toward Lothlorien he led the company with their say,
For he knew the orcs would continue pursuit by end of day,
Aragorn knew the Lady of the Wood and led the way,
And encouraged the brokenhearted hobbits with his might,
Before the sliver of pale moonlight would shimmer high in the night.

There was no fear once in the Lady’s golden woods at night,
But upon leaving the haven of those woods there would be need to fight,
And Aragorn would have to use all his strength and might,
To lead the company along the way as it would be his final say,
As to whether they should go east or west or whatever way,
For the choice would soon be made upon a fateful day.

Aragorn fought with all his might, against the orcs of the night,
He would live to fight another day, but one of them had lost his fight,
Aragorn’s words of comfort say, go in peace Son of Gondor in your own way.

- Kaybaggins