Sting: A Sestina

LotR Object:  Sting

It was wrought by elven-smiths long ago.
And woe to all foul beasts that feel its blow.
A warning glow near orcs does give this blade,
For they should take heed and now be afraid.
O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!, I sing,
As I hold the elven wrought sword named Sting.

From the trolls hoard Bilbo received his Sting,
In ages past not very long ago.
And of a hobbit’s story they still sing,
And so with lightening stroke and mighty blow,
With Sting beside me I am not afraid,
I take my courage from this rune marked blade.

And now Bilbo’s heir has received the blade,
It is now my tale to set forth with Sting.
With Sting by my side, I am not afraid.
There and back again, an age long ago,
My swift sword will rally for its true blow.
And listen now so you can hear it sing.

In dwarven Khazad-dûm the sword doth sing,
Orcs draw back before the glittering blade.
But then the cave troll swung a deadly blow,
And they all heard the clattering of Sting.
The mines of Moria seemed long ago,
But I took heart and so was not afraid.

Crossing Emyn Muil I was not afraid,
But there was so little reason to sing.
Recalling words of Gandalf long ago,
On the creature Gollum I drew my blade.
For he remembered the elven blade Sting,
Upon him I threatened a most deadly blow.

Shelob did thrust herself against Sam’s blow,
As he stood steady and was not afraid.
But Shelob had already done the sting,
For in the utter darkness Sam did sing.
Sparkling in silver light the elven blade,
Gave cause for hope it seemed so long ago.

The blue fire flickers in Sting, promising a fatal blow,
In ages past long ago, I am no longer afraid,
And with this heirloom I sing, for joy of this elven blade.
- Kaybaggins