Gandalf the Grey’s Staff 

LotR Object:  Gandalf’s staff

A staff made from ash worn through the ages.
For I am not a simple old man’s walking stick.
But just as the Grey Pilgrim who walks
Bent, looks are deceiving.
Whether knocking on a round hobbit door,
Or marking a rune on a burglar’s entrance,
Through me incantations are uttered,
As he commands the elements of
Earth, air, fire and water.
His curved and gnarled hands bend around me,
Embracing my smooth wooden finish.

Our errand takes us where he hesitates to go.
His wizened hand grasps me tightly as
We race breathlessly through the dwarven
Mines of Moria and the drums reverberate
Through the great halls of Khazad-dûm.
Doom, Doom.
Every splinter of my being shivers as
Mithrandir faces the streaming mane of fire
Kindled and blazing from within the depths.
Doom, Doom.
I am his brilliant shield from Durin’s Bane.
Gloom as I am broken asunder and fall
Into the fiery cavernous depths with him.
Doom, Doom.
- Kaybaggins