Pondering of Elrond

His long years in Imladris were coming to an end.
And from Rivendell the one golden ring he did send.
Long he contemplated the fate of the Fellowship.
He could only hope that they escaped Sauron’s tight grip.

The Ranger he had raised had begun his long journey,
But would he accept this fate and his true destiny.
Arwen loved this mere mortal, which pained this father’s heart.
He had begged her not to consider this choice from the start.

It was his fate to wait for the outcome of this war,
As the ring traveled toward Mt. Doom, and its fiery core.
On one small hobbit the hope of all Middle Earth lay,
Would they all once more see the translucent light of day?

The wheels were spinning in motion, only time would tell.
Could Sauron’s ring be undone to break his evil spell?
The blackness of day had been broken, the spell undone.
His time and the Third Age was ending, the tale now spun.

- Kaybaggins