Frodo's Letter to Sam

My dear Sam, can’t you see?
I breathe once more the fresh air
From the moment I passed over to the sea
Worries ceasing once I climbed the elven ship’s stairs
No more does the witch king’s blade or spider’s sting
Weigh upon my weary mind
For I have found solace from memories of the ring
Peace of heart and soul I did find.

My dear Sam, can’t you see?
Little did we know our peril when we left the Shire
Fleeing and naïve hobbits to the village of Bree
We fought orcs, trolls, and balrogs of fire,
Would we have changed our course, knowing evils that lay ahead?
I lost my way but you never left my side
As we tread through marshes, and ate lembas bread
Call it hobbit sense or stubborn pride.

My dear Sam, can’t you see?
You cannot always be torn in two
For some things are meant to be.
And our journey to destroy the ring we were meant to do.
When all I could see was the evil eye and the flaming wheel of fire
On the burning slopes of Mount Doom
You held me close and reminded me of springtime in the Shire
Not once did you give in to gloom.

My dear Sam, can’t you see?
There is so much for you still to do
In time I know you’ll agree
Your family and the Shire need you
Be happy for me as my pain diminishes instead
In my heart you will always be so near
And when you wish to lay down your weary head
I will be waiting for you my friend so dear. 
- Kaybaggins