Ode to Haldir

The captain of the elvish guard, gazed ‘cross the battlements this night,
What did the elven queen foresee, as men and elves prepared to fight?
And it wasn’t oh that long ago, when the strange party crossed their lands,
And all because of a very loud dwarf, he had to bind their hands.
But then she sent a message, that the party could cross unbound,
And then the most unlikely part, was the ring bearer to be found.

The destruction of all mankind, was the wizard Saruman’s intent,
But the elves will now make a stand, for it is why they were sent.
The blackened clouds are bursting, as pregnant drops of rain begin to fall,
On the men of Gondor’s armour, and the proud elves who stand so tall.
The crude blades of the uruk-hai, are poised in their death knell stance,
The elven arrows were held true, and knocked for steady balance.

The captain cloaked in maroon, moves his company forward and on,
The golden leaf which clasps his cloak, shone brightly as the setting sun.
But suddenly there comes a breach, in the battlements of old,
And Aragorn is lost at first, but then the dwarf who’s bold,
Is seen fighting many more than he, to save the one true king,
And the captain’s judgment of that dwarf, would make a bard sing.

There had been much loss of life, the battle was getting fierce,
The call was made to retreat, for Helm’s wall the enemy had pierced.
And then from out of nowhere, an orc’s blade struck the captain’s heart,
He fell to his knees in anguish, for he’d no longer play a part.
As Aragorn ran to him, tears of sorrow in his glistening eyes,
He cradled Haldir in his arms, and said his last goodbyes.

But though the valiant captain, had fallen and was slain,
Elfstone made a stirring cry, so his death was not in vain.
As darkness fought the break of day, surrendering at last,
The Rohirrim then heard on hill, a stirring horn-blown blast,
Stout Erkenbrand did blow his note, and marching down the Coomb,
No Orc or Dunlender that day was seen returning home.
- Kaybaggins