Found Poetry by Kaybaggins

The Eye of Mordor

Great power to pierce all shadows of cloud
and earth
and flesh
to see you
to pin you
under its deadly gaze
so thin
so frail and thin
the veils were become
that still warded it off

Found in The Passage of the Marshes

Fate of the Isengard Orcs

The trees
grey and menacing
shadow or mist about them
boughs hung down like searching fingers
roots stood up like limbs of strange monsters
dark caverns opened beneath them
impenetrable shadows
creaking and groaning of boughs, and far cries
rumour of wordless voices, murmuring angrily
no Orc
or other living creature
could be seen

From The Road to Isengard

Found Poetry: The Tower of Cirith Ungol :

The Two Watchers

Huge blocks of stone
Yet they were aware
Some dreadful spirit of evil vigilance
abode in them
They knew an enemy
They would forbid his entry
Or his escape
Greatly daring, answering a sudden thought
He drew out the phial of Galadriel
Its white light quickened swiftly
The shadows under the dark arch fled
Slowly he felt their will waver
and crumble into fear

- Kaybaggins