The Final Road

A Sestina

We continue to stumble down the trodden path,
for now I keep a close and wary watch.
His pained face shows the increasing weariness,
of the scars he now bears which have grown.
Lonely is the journey down the darkened road,
as we travel further into Mordor’s dreary and foul lands.

Gondor’s Captain warned us not to partake of the water from these lands,
and we are always unsure of our chosen path,
for an unseen evil follows our movements along the rocky road.
It is now my turn to take the night’s watch,
where the moon hides its face and uneasiness has grown
in this shadowed land, which is the cause of all weariness.

The cursed ring is so heavy and the core for all his weariness.
My gardner’s heart cries for the bare and rotten lands,
where no living and natural things are grown.
The enemy is always searching along our trampled path.
He says he feels the great eye ever turning its gaze to watch
us, but how much longer must we tread down this foul road?

The mountain of doom looms closer as we journey on the road.
Yet the closer to the mountain, the more cause for such weariness.
There are many malevolent eyes that seem to ever watch
as the orcs and other foul creatures inhabit the dying lands.
How many miles have we traveled this beaten path?
For the stench in this unwholesome place has grown.

Our resolve from long ago has now grown
to travel along the never ending road.
We will find within ourselves the path,
and so refrain from giving in to weariness
nor succumbing to the dreariness of these lands.
Because of stinker’s treachery we must always watch.

Uphill we climb and ever on we must cautiously watch.
Our lembas is spent and our thirst has grown.
A hazy mist spreads over these failing and fading lands.
He is but a feather as I gladly carry him up the road.
I must not let him know of my weariness,
as his is the much more dangerous path.

One final moment in these lands, and now we hope the eye does not watch,
our last steps along the path, for the ring is destroyed, and darkness grown.
We’ve traveled along the final road, and at last, he lays his head down in weariness.

- Kaybaggins