Faramir's Hope

Hope springs eternal
Waiting for the White Tree in flower
For the Silver Crown to return
For Minas Anor to be full of light

Hope has a name
Walking among the Fellowship
Touching the soul of my brother
Sending him on his final journey

Hope holds the sword that was broken
Faith that Isuldur’s heir is strong
Across the Paths of the Dead
And into the lands beyond

Hope beckons me to return
From the shadows where I dwell
For the one true King I’ll rise
From my bed at his command

Hope truly exists once more
And the White Tree flowers once again
The Silver Crown will be worn
By the King of Hope Estel

The Return of the King is now
The Stewardship still stands strong
We’ll unite Gondor as in days of old
For Hope is evermore

- Kaybaggins