A Conspirator’s Story

A conspirator unmasked
Did you know the dangers ahead?
And though you were not asked
Would you have stopped or even fled?
You left the comfort of your home
To travel with your cousins dear
Through the darkest forest you did roam
And onward you did steer.

In Rivendell you stated you would remain
Traveling onward by your cousin’s side.
And though it was quite plain
A wizard would be your guide.
From mountain tops to darkened halls
Never wavering was your courage
And near the edge of Rauros Falls
Frodo’s journey you did encourage.

Captured by the orcs and cruelly bound
you were taken to the edge of forest Fangorn
Escaping the enemy while making not a sound
Amidst confusion though you were worn.
You met one of middle earth’s very old
Finding Gandalf had not perished after all
Drinking upon draughts made of color gold
While the ents rose hearing Treebeard’s call.

A journey taken to King Theoden’s land
An oath sworn before him you did take,
He took you by your small hobbit hand
With evil abound there was so much at stake.
But even so this mighty king of old
Would not permit you to ride to Gondor’s land,
Instead you rode under guise of fold,
With a simple rider who made no demand.

The riders rode on their horses fierce
Toward a deadly battle ever looming.
At Pelennor Fields their spears did pierce
Their enemies even while machines were booming.
The Witch King swept and felled Snowmane
Thereby dealing King Theoden a deadly blow.
And that simple rider was dark and lovely Eowyn
Tall and strong the strength in her seemed to flow.

But you had strength in you small hobbit dear,
As you crawled behind the evil Witch King.
For the Numenorean blade you used as a spear
Gave the wicked nazgul its bitter sting.
And though the evil overcame you
The one true king of Gondor called you home,
Once more your cheeks shone with hue
Be proud wherever you should roam.

So lift your chin my Master Merry
You are more than simply inches tall
And quite to the contrary
The other hobbits must seem somewhat small
Not only was it your height but heart
That also grew in shape and size
For now the Shire will need someone who is smart
But also someone who has grown wise.

- Kaybaggins