A Bard's Tale

A Double Sestina

It happened long ago, so hear this old bard’s tale,
When dragons had been vanquished, and our heroes did not fail,
The heroes are unlikely, as always in tales of old,
And wee folk are strange creatures, which turn out rather bold.
This story’s ‘bout a hobbit, Frodo Baggins, by name,
and lest we not forget Samwise Gamgee, for the story wouldn’t be the same.

For Frodo inherited a ring of power, he’d never be the same
So sit you down, I’ll tell the yarn, for this will be a long tale.
The ring is surely evil, said a wizard named Gandalf the Grey, by name
And hobbits are made of sterner stuff, and he knew they would not fail.
Frodo and Sam also, were joined by Merry and Pippin the bold,
And so their adventures had only begun, before this tale gets old.

The hobbits met a ranger named Strider, with eyes from days of old,
with a story ‘bout a sword that was broken, could it ever be the same?
He fought on Weathertop ‘gainst the Ringwraiths, he was mighty, tall and bold,
but the Ringwraiths pierced Frodo with an evil blade, and so continues the tale.
Now don’t close your eyes, just listen on, our heroes will not fail,
our dear Frodo was healed by elfin magic, one Lord Elrond, by name.

A fellowship was born with Legolas, Gimli and Boromir by name,
and nine were sent abroad, to destroy the ring made in days of old.
The task was grim, the road was long, they knew they could not fail,
their path took them to Moria where Gandalf fell, their sorrow was the same.
The weary eight now journeyed on, to Galadriel’s Land and so goes on our tale,
but Boromir felt the ring’s lure, though he remained courageous and bold.

The fellowship was sundered, it was now up to everyone to be bold,
while the two younger hobbits met a treeherder, and Fangorn was his name.
The three hunters raced through Rohan, tracking the captured hobbits in our tale,
and to their delight they found Gandalf, now white who didn’t look quite so old.
Now Frodo and Sam met Gollum, who promised on the precious just the same,
to lead them into Moria, to destroy the ring without fail.

And now the sword that was broken is whole, the king will stand and not fail,
and the enemy’s knight will be smote not by a man, but by a woman who is bold.
The smallest will make a difference, and they are warriors just the same,
for we have heard the tale, and know each of them by name.
But the scary part, the terrible part, was something oh quite old,
Spidery Shelob fought by Frodo and Sam, quick close your eyes in this part of my tale.

And in the end Sam’s courage saved them just the same, so Frodo’s quest did not fail.
The ring was destroyed and therefore ends my tale, and so I may be bold,
now you know the story of each and every name, in this bard’s tale of old.

A Bard’s Tale: Part Two (A Sestina)

Now you’ll remember my story, ‘bout Frodo and his quest,
but what you may not know about, is what you might think best.
That many other characters, played an important part,
and many if not most of them, had incredible heart,
So now I spin this tale, for those who would have none,
Just sit right down and listen, to the tale that I have spun.

Not all these characters are living, in the tale that I have spun,
like Sam’s trusty frying pan, he needed on the quest.
Now others we must go and name, let us not forget none,
such as Tom Bombadil and Goldenberry, some of Middle Earth’s best.
Now Aunt Kimby’s got a soft spot, for Bill the Pony who’s full of heart,
he carried such a heavy load, he certainly played his part.

Now let us not forget old Barliman, he definitely played a part,
his inn gave refuge to four hobbits, and so the story was spun.
And then there was Glorfindel, a might elf lord with much heart,
who was a lord of dignity, and helped send Frodo on his Quest.
And Arwen and her brothers, Elladan and Elrohir at their elven best
Who are the children of Lord Elrond, and now we will forget none.

Now let us sing of Galadriel, her beauty compares to none,
and Celeborn in Lothlorien, who also played his part.
I don’t want to forget old Bilbo, for some say he is the best,
his story started long ago, and from that tale this story’s spun.
Now as in all good yarns, our heroes had diversions from their quest,
for there are many evil things, that are lacking in their heart.

Grima bewitched King Theoden, whose daughter Eowyn had much heart,
and Eomer her brother, most definitely did his part.
Saruman the wizard, tried his utmost to stop the gallant quest,
and set forth the orcs in thousands, so they could play their part.
But the most evil of them all, and why this story was spun,
is the Dark Lord of Moria, whose name Sauron we know best.

Now very gallant Faramir, showed his quality we know best,
but Denethor’s gaze into the palantir, let him give up his heart.
With Gollum and his treachery, and Shelob whose web was spun,
are two nasty characters, that we will forget none.
To all the other creatures, who’ve played a little part,
This bard would like to thank them, for without them where’s the quest.

And now this bard has spun, the tale that I know best,
to tell you ‘bout Frodo’s Quest, but with a different heart.
For now we will forget none, because they all played a special part.

(dedicated to auntkimby35)

- Kaybaggins