Rivers of Lorien

I have sat too long by the pools of Lothlorian
Too long have I dreamed by the river's side.
I dangled my feet in the slow moving currents
While the moon revolved, and the tides came and went outside.

How long have I slept by the murmuring waters?
How long have I gazed in the crystalline stream?
How long have I listened to the cataracts calling?
How long was I held in Lothlorian’s beautiful dream?

The day had to come when I left the cool waters,
Returning again to my home past its gate.
I found the world changed since I slept my deep slumber,
And I the victim of time’s unendurable fate.

Too old to return to the rivers of Lorien,
Too young to be tied to the world outside.
How long did I dream in my terrible slumber?
While the tides came and went, and the moon revolved outside?
Better if fate had decreed that I simply had died.

- Kathryne