Footsteps and Memories


Companion piece to 'Halloween'

Haunted by footsteps and memories
I wander the corridors of Edoras
My substance no more than the withered leaves
Longing for death's hand to fall at last.

My loved ones are gone or at death's dark door,
My brother exiled and my king's mind dull.
Forgotten, the joys that I knew before,
In days beyond memory, I can't recall.

A ghost I've become, a mere wraith, a shade,
Wandering the corridors of Edoras
Seeking a refuge, seeking escape,
 From this grim existence that will not pass.

With only the dead for my company
Whose faces now haunt me - I am undone.
Tormented and trapped by my memories
And the fell footsteps of Grima Wormtongue.

- Kathryne