Cerulean Sparkle

 I dreamed of you once again last night,
 That I walked on the beach beside you,
 Admiring turquoise skies and waters
 As I looked in your eyes just as blue.

 We laughed as we gathered small sea shells,
 And we ran with delight in the sand;
 Our toes kissed the cool azure ripples,
 Glittering like the ring on your hand.

 The cry of the gulls pierced the air then,
 And your sigh was the sound of the sea.
 Your laughter died there on your fair lips,
 As you turned away your face from me.

 "The call of the gulls haunts my heart now,"
 You said as we walked down the seashore.
 "I fear here I shall find no respite,
 That I shall lose all I've loved before."

 We turned away from cobalt waters,
 As we turned from what never could be.
 You took the bright ring from your finger
 Saying, "With this ring remember me."

 I've seen you no more since that summer,
 For you chose as your love the blue sea.
 Its silver cerulean sparkle
 Captured in the ring you left to me.

- Kathryne