A Pony, Name of Bill

Well, we found ourselves in Bree after we left Tom Bombadil,
And we met up with a Ranger who sure looked like he could kill,
But we found a friend in Strider who took us to Rivendell:
Mr. Frodo, Merry, Pippen, me and our new pony, Bill.

Well, I always loved the Shire; I love flower, blade and rill,
And I love my Master Frodo and his cousins fit the bill.
And I came to love our Ranger, and I'm loyal to him still,
But I had a special fondness for a pony, name of Bill.

Well, at first he was malnourished but he had a stubborn will,
And he fattened as we wandered across vale and over hill.
And he followed us to Moria where the mines would suit him ill,
So we turned him loose, and I wept as I said good-bye to Bill.

Well, we had our share of sorrows, suffered more than one farewell.
We saw Elves, and Orcs, and Oliphants, and Elf Queen Galadriel.
I have seen my share of wonders and held treasures of mithril,
But I never could forget a certain pony, name of Bill.

Well, we made our way to Mordor after crossing Emen Muil,
 Where I fought that sneak-thief Gollum and some Orcs I had to kill,
 And I smote that monster Shelob with the light of Earendil,
 And as we trudged I often wished I rode that pony, Bill.

 Well, we finally won the battle, and our quest we did fulfill.
 And they crowned our Ranger Strider in the land of Elendil.
 To the Shire we finally returned; as we crested the last hill
 The others rode fine war ponies... I rode my old friend Bill.

- Kathryne