What will Tomorrow Bring?

For Pippin, in Minas Tirith

I am told to be dangerous
Dangerous for me
Dangerous for the Shire's peace
Never serious

But today's serious
Look what i've done
How come i've been taken in this storm?
I'm so small

I realize I'm just a child
And now I'm lost
And Merry is so far away from me
And were is Gandalf?

The white wizard gives hope
But it's so dark outside
We can't even see the horizon
And the Eyes is si close!

I have a sword I have my heart
But what can I do now?
How come the world has come to this?
I'm so small

But I've a Hobbit heart
And feel my blood boiling
Dark riders are almost upon us
My legs are shaking

The white wizard gives hope
I see him coming
By my sword, I will not flee!
Let the Moon remember me!

The fires are spreading!
Merry, where are you?
And Frodo, Frodo, what have become of you?
The mountains is so near!

Steal and bravery
Will that be enough today?
But I know I can't stay behind!
What will tomorrow bring?
- Kaeriann