We are Almost There

There is a shining star
I look up to the sky
Like a light, it guides me
In the land of Mordor

I see the Eye seeking
My heart is becoming Heavier
The Ring, The ring answers
My legs are so weak now

Creeping on the desert land
Scratching my hands and knees
I can't breathe anymore
The air is squeezing me

There is a shooting star
Like the fires of destiny
Is the sky falling down on me?
Or is it the veil of shadows?

My memory is getting lost
My eyes are so dry I can't cry
Is it the wind upon my neck?
Is it a light of hope?

There is a hand in mine
Sam, Sam, what are we doing here?
You see, I can't walk anymore
'I'll help you Mister Frodo.'

I feel his warmth under my chest
He let me a second of rest
We are almost there
We are almost there...

- Kaeriann