Found Poetry by Joyful


The headman of the Woses of Drúadan Forest at the time of the War of the Ring. He aided the Rohirrim in their ride to the Battle of the Pelennor.
 And the rest is ME history...

I am great headman
I count many things
Stars in sky...Leaves on trees
Road is forgotten
But not by Wild Men
More than one road he knows
He will lead you
Over hill and behind hill
Under grass and tree
Wild men will show you the road
It is all dark but not all night

I 'found' this in Farewell to Lórien...What gift would a dwarf ask?

What gift would a dwarf ask?
None, it is enough for me
To have seen the Lady
To have heard her gentle words

I name my desire
A single strand of hair
Which surpasses the gold
As the stars surpass gems of the mine

Set in crystal
A pledge between mountain and wood
An heirloom of my house
Henceforth, I will call nothing fair
Unless it be her gift

I have taken my worst wound
Memory is not what the heart desires
But the memory of Lothlórien
Shall remain ever clear

So says the heart
Of Gimli the Dwarf
Until the end of days

- Joyful