Two Hobbits

2 hobbits in the shire, one did find the other was given,
a small and precious token, whose owner was long in liven.

2 hobbits, friends and neighbors, an heir and his gardener friend,
sent on a quest as Underhill and Sam the brave, steady to the end.

2 hobbits, a Took and Brandybuck, always stealin’ Maggot’s crops,
at council said, “Where we going?” then learned swordplay from the tops.

2 hobbits off all by themselves, to certain death atop Mt Doom,
follow by a wretched creep, no hope, no food just gloom.

2 hobbits grown unusually tall, drank from water of the Ent
Rode him to the Wizard’s lair with fires to quench, the tower he did rent.

2 hobbits at their final goal, at fiery chasm to tired to even weep,
the bearer o’er taken, a bite ‘n victory dance and the fool fell in the deep.

2 hobbits flew on eagles wings, 2 as kings in Rohan and on the Pellanor,
Two sailed west and lastly two, Sam ‘n Rosie with hobbit kids galore.

(That's "rent" as in asunder not an apartment in Isengard)

- JimboBaggins