A Stable Poem

Of all the horses in Middle Earth there seems to be just one
that fits the rider to a tee, some are walkers while others run.

The foremost of these would be Shadowfax, born of Valar breed
could Mithrandir accomplish all his feats without this noble steed?

Lord of the Mark on Snowmane rides from Edoras to Helms Deep
and at his side was Master Merry on Stybba, short but sweet.

Two for our orc hunters lost to their masters of the Mark
Hasufel for Aragorn, Arod to the elf 'n dwarf unlikely friends at the start.

Now this journey began with a worn out beast from Ferny, skinny and so ill
but when the chips were down, or the snow too deep, my money's on Poor Bill.

- JimboBaggins & Onomir