Spring in Valinor

Valar, Maiar and Noldor kings
By the fruits of Yavanna’s Song
Celebrate before Manwë Sulimo
The feast of the Valar Spring

Clothed as Children of Iluvatar
Danced in the Gold ‘n Silver light
On the green slopes of Taniquetil
Two Trees shimmering beauty from afar

To forgive and heal wounds and faults
The house of Finwë, by Manwë summoned
By fate the Silmarils were not brought forth
In Formenos kept hidden, thought safe in iron vaults

All the while black watchful eyes did spy
Webs of darkness, belching vapors made void the light
Her evil called forth by Melkor, Morgoth now
Cowered to her, from jewels hid her, bitten by a lie

- JimboBaggins