The Shepherd

An Entish rhyme

Created to wander and watch the trees of this unspoiled land
The spark of life 'twas given me by Yavanna's hand
Haroom Baroom Bara

This world of the Valar is of a very young age
The lights of Laurelin and Telperion just having turned the page
Baroom Haroom Hara

I asked her for companionship to walk the world with me
Fimbrethil, my Entwife she sent to keep me company
Bara Baroom Haroom

She tells me to expect fair creatures to walk beside our trunks
But now all there is to see are rabbits, squirrels and 'monks
Haha Haroom Baroom

My brother Ents just saplings now will do their part I'm told
Bregalad, Beechbone and Fingalas, together we will grow old
Haroom Baroom Haha

Many an age will pass she said before our time will come
To fight the darkness, so gain we must, all the earth's wisdom
Haha Bara Baroom

Now I shall start my appointed task, as limb and leaf will grow
To make a stand for tree and life, so to wander I must go
Bara Haroom Hoho

- JimboBaggins